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FP Za Duke & Girls

DID YOU KNOW......???

That there are Watusi cattle depicted in hieroglyphics in Egypt?
That they sleep in groups called a "glum"?  The adult animals form a circular group, heads facing out, with the young in the center for protection against predators.
That both bulls and cows have horns?
That this is the oldest domestic breed of cattle...at least 7,000 years?
That the horns are not only used for defense but also have large blood vessels in them to help keep the animal cool? Their horns are sensitive to touch. They do not shed their horns.
That Watusi cows milk has higher butterfat than a dairy cow?  They have a smaller udder to facilitate fast movement in the wild.  The higher fat content of the milk and frequent nursing by the calf compensate for the smaller quantity produced.
That in Africa they are owned primarily by royalty and that your wealth is measured in part by the size of your Watusi herd?  They are treated as members of the family and are not used for food or farm work.
That their skin and hair are rich in lanolin to assist them with insect control?